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This is a collection of useful online tools for Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Z80 assembly development.

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File to HEX / DEC

Converts a binary file (server-side, your data is sent to server) to hex/decimal code. Input size is limited to 1 MB to meet our resources consumption. Please refer to offline tools to process larger files. Output result can be saved as text file or copied to clipboard in one click.

Z80 Disassembler/Compiler

Simple server-side disassembler for any binary file into Zilog Z80 assembler instructions set. You can upload data and define ORG/START addresses. For Hobeta files input ORG address is autodetected. Output is formatted with SjASMPlus syntaxes and is ready to be compiled out of the box.

ZX Spectrum Emulator

JVGS v1.1.4 provides you with pure JavaScript client-side ZX Spectrum 48/128 emulation in current browser tab. Please expect this one-click solution to be a bit slow and requires some resources.